Nowadays biodiesel is the reality of our dailiness. In Europe almost every diesel fuel contain certain amount of biodiesel.(FAME - fatty acid methylester).

Our company since its establishment, but our researchers more then 18 years are engaged in biodiesel technology development. 

As a result of their experiences we can offer turn-key solutions for not only vegetable oils processing, but used cooking oils, animal fats and free fatty acids esterification as well.

Besides we offer yield increasing and waste disposal decreasing energy saving solutions for existing biodiesel plants.


  • research and development of BIODIESEL and other renewable technologies
  • BIODIESEL project engineering
  • BIODIESEL process equipments and PLANTS
  • thin film vacuum evaporation.
  • Consulting in the above mentioned territories
  • Cooperation with universities and other research companies
Special products
Mobile unit for waste cooking oil ( or vegetable oil) transesterification
  • Small size
  • Mobility (possibility to use in various places. For example: in summer near to beach, in winter at the mountains)
  • Simply constructrion for best servis and handling
  • Microprocessor production control
  • Low specific cost of production
  • Quick stop before , and quick start after transport
The nominal capacity of this unit is 1500/3200/5000 Mt/year (8h/16h/24h dayly using)
  • Vegetable oil transesterification know-how
  • UCO(used cooking oil) transesterification know-how
  • Turn key units for transesterification plants
  • Transesterification turn-key plants
  • Thin film vacuum evaporation units
  • Other equipments for biodiesel and chemical plants



Biodiesel Vacuum evaporators Vacuum sewerage collection systems ISEKI FORMECO AQUA FELIX

Environment and industry

Our company prefering tecnological solutions for maximum environmental effects


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